Smack Boxing... November 17, 2008, 5:10 pm  
...the first iPhone boxing game! We've released our second iPhone game!

First iPhone Boxing Game "Smack Boxing" Released by Full Control and WIT Entertainment

Full Control and WIT Entertainment today unveiled Smack Boxing, the very first boxing game for the iPhone. The game is designed to fully utilize the unique iPhone user interface by using the accelerometer for moving the player character and multitouch gestures to control the punch action.

"Releasing the first game in a genre is always exciting. But we wanted to do more than that. We wanted people to both have a stress relieving boxing experience, as well as a good laugh. So we took the game one step further and mixed in caricatures of crazy characters everyone can relate to as opponents. This makes it even more fun to play, and we plan to add more opponents soon.", says Magnus Blikstad from WIT Entertainment.

For this first release the game features the following villains:
Jungle Jay
an old guerrilla warrior without much brain
Sumo Stan
muscles turned into fat once he had to use glasses
Cyril Cigar
pensioned super hero wannabe

Magnus Blikstad

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