ElectroCUTE... October 30, 2008, 3:17 pm available in the appstore!

Welcome to ElectroCUTE!
Our first iPhone game, co-produced with Full Control hit the appstore a few days ago.
Full Control and WIT Entertainment today unveiled ElectroCUTE, their first coproduction for the iPhone. The game is designed to redefine gameplay and user interaction by fully utilizing the unique multitouch interface of the marketís hottest mobile device. Where regular tapping the screen obscures most of the screen, ElectroCUTE lets players enjoy the full view of the game while playing.

Players of the game act as a digital shepherd, protecting their flock from alien UFOs with arcs of electricity. To interact with the game players simply press two fingers on the screen and an electric bolt fries everything between their fingers - UFO and sheep alike. The player can also get help from several powerful powerups -- everything from explosive bombs to time altering devices -- in the fight against the aliens.

Full Control and WIT Entertainment have spotted the iPhone market as the perfect opportunity to coproduce games for casual players and people seeking unique game experiences. Instead of porting old classics or making yet another match-3 game for web portals, both companies try to push the boundaries of interaction with this new and innovative gaming device.

Several other games are in production with the iPhone as a target platform - ranging from sports games to multiplayer fantasy games. Each game will push the border for interacting with the iPhone.

Magnus Blikstad